fight like a girl

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((I think everyone misses the fact that Peggy is running towards the grenade as well, Steve just gets there first. That’s why I love Peggy, that’s why Steve loves Peggy. They’re both unselfish and brave, and that’s what makes them great and great for each other.))


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Steve gets some startling news and Tony tries to console him with no real understanding of how Steve feels

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#subtlety did not exist in the 1940’s

I like the nurse in the background of the last panel.  The one who’s like, “Do it. DO IT FOR ALL OF US.  GROPE HIM.”

Those middle gifs. Dr. Erskine is like “Howard, I did it. He’s hot.” But Howard is mortified. “What have you done, Abraham?!? You made him too hot.”

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I kind of resent the suggestion that there would be something inherent about superheroes that wouldn’t be of interest to women…. There’s nothing inherently masculine about power fantasies. There’s nothing inherently masculine about superhero comics. There’s nothing inherently masculine about mythology. About science fiction. There is no reason that a woman who is interested in this field as a reader or creator should feel that she is peculiar in any way. 

-Kelly Sue DeConnick [x]

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