So, I made a Click and Drag game. It’s not perfect, but it does utilize all the 120+ characters (excepting Dodomeki and Gyuki) from WO3. Is it bad form to play my own game? Oh well…

Leader: Nobunaga Oda (Well, I’m more of a Dynasty girl, but that works!)
Spouse: Ayane (…….no.)
Sibling: Xiahou Ba (That makes Xiahou Yuan my dad. I’m okay with this.)
Best Friend: Ding Feng (That’s legit.)
Bodyguard: Yukimura Sanada (Now that’s a bodyguard: Poster Boy.)
Rival: Nagamasa Azai (PSH.)
Enemy: Wei Yan (I have a problem with his lack of grammar.)
I kill: Goemon Ishikawa (He probably tried to steal my jewelry.) 
I’m killed by: Zhong Hui (That’s embarrassing.) 

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